We Goin to the Ship (Part 3)

ImageThe UNSC Leadership

If you understood the name of this ship, you my friend, like me, are a giant nerd (#livelongandprosper #nanunanu #maytheforcebewithyou). This ship is totally different than the other two but eerily similar. I know it’s weird but its how it is.

If you learned the importance of connecting to people and having them connect to you aboard the USS Relationship and you grew as a member of the stretching and developing Imperial Discipleship Destroyer, congratulations! You are now ready to do something absolutely insane! You’re ready to pilot your own ship! 

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It’s finally here! You’re in charge; you’re the final say so. You’re the captain, the king, the pastor, the director, the coordinator, the HNIC (Head Navigator In Charge)! On this ship, you’re in command! Sounds great doesn’t it!

Although in some fashion, those things may be true, they carry a burden far greater than you could ever imagine. I think we sometimes confuse leadership in the church. We talk a lot about “Servant Leaders” but I don’t think we always portray that in a way that gives us a good idea of what a true leader is. I think about Jesus as a servant leader. I think about the things we don’t see in the Bible. I get in between the lines and see an image that is vastly contrasted with a lot of what I think leadership looks like.

I see a man, on his knees late into the night praying for wisdom. And by praying for wisdom, I mean asking God what to do and how to do it. I think of the leading of the Holy Spirit in Jesus life and how many times Jesus had to remind himself that humanities redemption was the prize. I see the guy carried on his shoulders the burden of doing something that no one else could and the threat of that burden crushing him. In my imagination, I watch as Jesus kept his eyes focused on the cross when all of Israel was shouting to look away. When all of his friends had abandoned him. When his own humanity was begging him to spare their own life.

When you choose to step onto your ship and as you walk up to take your seat in the captains chair, and you feel the newness of the leather and the sleekness of being at the helm, look at the handle of the wheel. What’s that you see? Carved into the metal, unnoticeable by anyone else? A single word. A haunting word. The word that encompasses the burden of leadership that you must bear. There in  six letters, seemingly written by the hand of God, sits the single word that defines your leadership…


For you have been chosen to carry this burden of leadership, Captain. Just as every other leader has been chosen. The task is before you: Lead Well.

That is up to you. You will continue to need to rely on your time spent with the Relationship and aboard the Discipleship, but you are now responsible for leading well.

If I may, I would like to leave you with a thought. That although you now carry the burden of being chosen and placed in leadership, as so many before you have carried, there is another aspect of being chosen for leadership that you must consider. It is reasonable to suspect that if you were chosen for the burden, you were equipped for the task… 

Do you feel the burden of leadership, however large or small the role? Have you seen yourself be equipped along the process? Tell me a little about it.

Andy Walt

In His Solution