Uhh Complicated Order

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I just watched “Bon Qui Qui” again for the first time in years. I crack up every time. Angela Johnson makes me so happy. 

If you haven’t seen it, watch it here (link). If you’re too cool to watch it, it’s a skit about a fast food worker who offers horrible customer service and when customers ask for anything that isn’t generic, she responds by calling it a “complicated order” then yelling for security to come and take the customer away.

I’ve worked fast food before. It wasn’t a bad experience by any means (Chick-fil-a for lyfe). But let me be the first person to say, there are some quirks that people have when ordering that are just ridiculous. Here are a few:

The “I don’t know what I want and I’ve been on my phone the whole time instead of making a decision” customer.

Then there’s The “I know the secret menu items and you’re going to need a yellow legal notepad to write down this extensive order” customer.

Worse yet, is The “You’re a peasant that makes my food and you should have been born from royalty like me” customer.

All of these lovely people are wonderful and such a blessing to work with (feel the sarcasm oozing). But honestly, I’m ok with the second person. I think we all can appreciate someone who knows exactly what they want.

This isn’t limited to just food. I think this is true for life too. People that know what they want are pretty great, in my opinion. People that know what they want to be when they grow up. People that know what kind of partner they want to do life with. People that know the kind of church they want to call home. Even people that know exactly how many pumps of vanilla, hazelnut, & toffee nut make the perfect snickerdoodle latte. I can appreciate them.

I realized this about knowing what you want and being committed to asking for it; it takes time to get your order out to you. When what you want isn’t the standard & simple request, there is usually a lot more that has to go into getting that desire fulfilled.

When you order something generic, you get something generic. When you order something special it takes a little longer.

I recognize this in life too. People that feel called to something unique, it takes a while to get there. That spouse you’re waiting on, they are developing into that person. That dream job you want, it’s going to take a lot of sleeps to get there.

When you ask for & believe for something special from God, you have to be willing to let God cook it up. He could say the word and it be done. He’s good at doing that. But instead (most of the time), He loves us enough to develop our heart to properly receive it.

The bad news is, a lot of people will think you’re complicated. That’s ok. Be a little complicated. There’s a beautiful poem/song that says we are made wonderfully complex! It’s by a guy named David Sonofjesse. You can find it in this vintage book called Psalms. Chapter 139. You’re gonna love it.

If you are worried about other people, you’re probably not going to like the other part of asking for something special. Because it’s going to take a little longer to cook up in the kitchen of God’s grace, other people that asked for something generic are probably going to get their food before you do. Comparison kills. You're getting YOUR request, not someone else’s. 

Recently, I was hanging with some young married couples. They were all under 21 and happily married (and talking about how great sex was, the jerks). Not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy as I started comparing myself to them. I had to stop, drop, remind myself, collaborate, and listen. I know what I’m waiting on and it’s going to be worth it.

Lastly, there’s some good news. Actually, it’s the best news. What you’re asking for, will blow your mind. Sometimes what we get turns out to be garbage. But that’s not the case when we ask in faith from our loving Father. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. He promises to give us good things because He only does good. That’s an encouragement for me.

I know what I want. I’ve put in the order. I’m a big fan of the chef. So now, if you’re like me, there’s nothing left to do but shoot spit balls at other customers until your food gets here. Or you can wait patiently. Yeah, I’m just going to wait patiently (except if someone shoots me first, then it’s on and they are going down).

-In His Solution,
Andy Walt

Andy Walt

In His Solution