City in a Day - A New Adventure

I've moved around a lot. Different cities. Different places. Different people. I've been able to see a lot of cool things. Along the way, I've been able to experience some pretty cool adventures.

I think back to when I was an intern in Austin, Texas. One of my all time favorite memories from that hard year was from a an unexpected Saturday morning conversation that shaped my whole day, a few friendships, and eventually, an big idea.

As an intern, some of us had to watch the kids in the apartment complex on some Saturday mornings and my turn came around. It was Liz, Eric, Bre, & myself on this early Saturday morning, hanging out, coloring, & talking. We got on the usual topic of what we were going to do for the rest of the day and we settled on going into the city and exploring a little.

That day changed my life. We went to a bunch of different places, tasted different things, explored places we had never been, and along the way, we bonded in a way that I'll always remember. It was one of the first city adventures I could tangibly & collectively remember. And it was magical.

We all moved away after being interns and I went to Birmingham, Alabama. I began to explore the city and ask questions about where the good food was, the fun spots, the look outs, the attractions, & more. Months later, I'd go on an adventure with my adopted little sister, Elizabeth, and a friend of ours in from Baton Rouge that only had one day to experience Bham.

That was one of the most incredible days I ever had. From sun up to way past sundown, we laughed and played. There were so many fun things we did, not because the places were specifically fun, but because we were on a shared adventure. We bonded on that trip. I saw adventure in a different way on that trip. And I may have put on a couple pounds too.

I moved again and this time, I started looking for this trips, these adventures. Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Boston, Kansas City, Memphis, Raleigh, Jacksonville, wherever! I'd plan out these one day adventures and take my family and friends all over these wonderful cities, exploring, laughing, eating, drinking, dancing, and bonding. It wasn't adventure for adventure's sake. This was hearts being connected to hearts and hearts being connected to cities.

I again moved. This time to Dallas. A city I have quickly fallen in love with and people that I've quickly come to call framily (friends I consider family). I began exploring Dallas as much as possible. I was in the process of updating my personal blog & website and made another page called "Andy's Adventures". I added the previous cities I had been to so I could share them with friends that were visiting them without me. In all honesty, I was sick of texting/emailing them.

As I worked on "Andy's Adventures" I realized something. Adventure can be lonely, but shared adventure can be magical. I didn't want these adventures to be about me. I wanted them to be about "us", about people. I wanted to see what other people could create and go on the adventures they created. So I shut down "Andy's Adventures" and created something different.

City in a Day

A social platform that allows people to share one day adventures of the cities that they love and follow other people's adventures.

I had little to less than none when it came to experience in web design, coding, start ups, programming, or travel blogging. I just had a hope that I could make it easier for people to fall in love with the cities that I fell in love with and to share that love with others. Bigger than that, I was hoping that people could fall in love with each other. Not just in a romantic way (although that would be nice), but to share love and memories together. To bond, to connect, to get out of their sheets watching Netflix every day and night and get onto the streets of a wonderful city with so much to discover.

Today, on 2.5.15 at 3pm, myself & some co-conspiritors launched and the shared adventure became a cordial invitation.

Calling all explorers. Blaze a trail or choose your own adventure.

Welcome to the Adventure.

Andy Walt

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