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If you've ever been around me, I usually ask a quick casual question. It's pretty simple, but to me, it has epic implications. I base a lot off this question. I can draw certain assumptions from this question.

Some people hate that I draw assumptions. I start drawing conclusions about something or someone. I go with some little hunches. I'd make either a great or horrible detective. I think watching Sherlock too much has gotten to me.

Nevertheless, I like this question. I really like it. Ready for it?

What is your top 5 movies?

Regardless of if you're a huge movie buff, everyone has a top 5. The movies that you love so much. That you connected with. And what's so strange about someone's top 5 is that they somehow embody the person. It's like a mini personality test.

Once guy I talked to was extremely narcissistic. His top 5 were all movies where the main character was narcissistic as well. I asked someone today their top 5 and they  listed off 4 military movies. This guy is all about patriotism, honor, and duty. It's a part of who he is.

As I embarked on this journey of launching a start up, I got tired. I needed a good rest night. Coke, popcorn, and a movie were just the medicines I needed. I started watching Chef on Netflix.

Seriously, go watch it. Right now. One of the most inspirational movies I've ever seen. The language is a little rough but wow! So incredible!

Chef is about this single dad who is a chef at successful restaurant. He is set to be visited by a famous food critic and tries to show a creative menu. The owner wants to keep things the same and after a rowdy display & a viral youtube video, the chef quits.

Searching for answers, he goes to Miami and refurbishes a food truck. Along the way, he rekindles his passion, connects with his son, & falls in love. It's worth the 1 & 45 mins. I've watched it 3 times since.

Chef encouraged me so much. I wasn't expecting it. A simple story helped me believe that I really could launch a start up company even though I was severely under qualified and completely in over my head. Along the way, it got me thinking of some other movies that have inspired me.

If you're looking for a movie night soon, I'd recommend these:


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Mid-life crisis and the impending doom of joblessness pushes timid day-dreamer to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

We Bought a Zoo

Tragedy and heartbreak lead a man and his two kids into the middle of nowhere to buy a zoo and courageously make it successful, no matter the odds.

You, Me, & Dupree

Best friend and dreamer moves in with newly married couple while he tries to figure out his life, eventually discovering that his gift is helping people.

The Social Network

The story of Facebook and all of the drama that surrounded it's development, growth, & inception.


If you haven't taken a look yet, check out Hoping you enjoy the work of my hands as much as I'm enjoying sharing it with the world.

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