I'm Batman


I've been a big fan of Batman for as long as I can remember. I've read the comics, watched the cartoons, seen the movies, and played the games. Batman is and always has been my favorite superhero. I think the reason why he's my favorite superhero is because he's less super and more man.

Ask anyone, who wouldn't want to be Batman. The money, the butler, the peak physical and mental prowess? Sounds amazing! I think we would all love to have those things but as it is with ever story we can become enamored with, we miss the ugly parts.

Bruce Wayne's parents were brutally murdered in front of him. That makes Batman the result of severe childhood trauma. Bruce Wayne lived in isolation for many many years before letting others in. Years of social isolation is incredibly dangerous. He's obsessed with bringing criminals to justice but he does so outside the law. There are so many incredibly painful things that make up who the Batman is.

Did you know that there are entire psychological classes dedicated to studying the fictitious character and people's idolization of him? Why are people obsessed with him? Why is he regarded as America's most favorite superhero? Is it just good storytelling or marketing?

I think there's something within the Batman story that speaks to all of us. I think the underlying idea is that with the help of a billionaire trust fund, we can use our pain to make a difference for others. The desire to make a difference and to find strength from our hurts is and alway will be a part of who we are as humans. I believe God made us that way.

Every time I see Batman's story played out, over and over again, the character is reminded of why he got into the fight all those years ago - bringing criminals to justice so that another young boy doesn't lose his parents to a deranged criminal. In so many ways, it's the fact that Bruce Wayne hasn't gotten over the death of his parents that drives him on.

That's how a lot of people find a way to make a difference. They look back on their hurt and are so moved by the idea of others suffering that they do whatever they can to prevent that kind of pain from happening to others. There are countless stories that are similar (maybe minus the money).

I'm inspired by Batman. Not by his money or crime fighting skills (it's still just a story). I'm inspired by the man who's not so super that's using his personal scars to help others. I want to be like that. I want the deepest pains I've experienced to help others and make a difference in their lives. I want to protect people and I want justice in a world that seems like it's falling apart.

Now taking applications for Alfred & Selina Kyle.

Andy Walt

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