Opening Up - Making Websites & Taking Names


I like making websites. It’s fun for me. I enjoy the process of helping people navigate something complex and have something they can be proud of. A kind of digital story teller for the things they are passionate about.

I started out making websites for non-profits. Organizations and people with low resources but big visions and big hearts. I learned a lot and was able to help some great people. If you’re going to practice a skill, practice it on organizations that could really benefit from you getting good at something.

Now, I’m finally getting the opportunity to work with companies and design websites that help tell a great story for who the people behind the companies are. I’m excited about each of them because the websites become something that add a lot of value to a company. That’s what I really love. Telling a great story and adding value to people.

I named my company, Sights Studios ( My tagline is: Where vision and communication meet, fall in love, and great sites are born. I’ve got a lot of work left to do to be the storyteller that I want to be but I’m enjoying the process of helping translate people’s vision for their company into something that connects with people all over through a website.

The best part is I can work remotely and late into the night. Meaning I have the flexibility to help more with the church launch. For a long time, I’ve been in conversations with people about doing a website for them and within the past couple weeks, things have opened up and I’m getting to work on some new projects.

I can’t wait to share these with you but I’m also looking forward to helping make new sites in the future. If you know of anyone that needs a translator for their company or organization to tell their story with a new website, I’d appreciate the chance to get to talk with them.

Check out my work at Sights Studios.

Andy Walt

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