Why do you move around so much?

I'm on an adventure. People that aren't on one won't understand mine.


What's your type?

Tall, almond milk, no whip, extra hot, white chocolate mocha. You meant coffee, right?


Why do you have a website for yourself?

It's 2017. I'd rather tell my story the way I intend it than have it told by someone else that doesn't know me and my heart.


Best place you've ever lived?

Wherever I am currently is always the best (and the best is still ahead). 


Who is your favorite preacher?

If a life can count as a message then my future wife (I already know she is gonna be the best), my dad, my mom, & my future kids.

Other than that, every time Carl Lentz, TD Jakes, Robert Morris, & Jason Laird preaches I get saved all over again.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Loving Jesus, loving people, & being obedient...and a surfer.

How do you feel about booze, sex, smoking, drugs, & tattoos?

Booze appropriately, sex contextually (marriage), cigars classily, drugs prescriptually, & tattoos inspirationally.